We Have Hope

IMG_4633.jpgThis advent season, I have hope. I have hope that God is who he says he is. He will do what he says he will do. There is nothing in the world I love more right now then journeying through this life with my Jesus. To place my hope in him means everything will be OK. He uses all things for good. He doesn’t miss a thing. He is there for you, just call on him.
His love is a mystery. I can’t explain it at all. But I’ll be waiting for him. When he’s placed in the manger, I’ll be there. With the animals, and Mary, sweet Mary and Joseph. In AWE. *
The Savior has come! He has redeemed my soul and I rejoice. I sing praises to him with the Angels for he has come. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
He calls me to follow him. To run with him. So we journey together, he and I forever and ever. My heart sings and it’s full of hope and love and joy! So much joy! Emmanuel, God is with us.

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